Sleep 'n Beauty for men- 100% Silk Pillowcase (King Size) in a beautiful Gift Box

$ 80.99

New SNB for men.....why should women get all the benefits....Men love to sleep on silk too!

King size (20 by 36 inches) ivory white, silk pillowcase in a masculine gift box. 

Beautifully constructed with hem, piping and double stitching. Manufactured from the finest quality, 100% mulberry silk, our luxurious Sleep ‘n Beauty silk pillowcases are the go-to choice for luxurious, comfortable, refreshing sleep. Wake up young and beautiful!

Color note: This beautiful silk pillowcase is white: It is soft ivory white, whiter than regular ivory, but it is not snow white. Snow white is dyed white. These pillowcases are natural, undyed, chemical free.

Silk contains 16 amino acid, and absorbs less moisture from your skin and hair than other materials like cotton. This means your skin retains more moisture, leaving it soft and helping reduce wrinkle lines. It also keeps your hair looking healthy and shiny. This silk pillowcase is the best kept beauty secret of Hollywood Celebrities!!

Our silk pillowcases feature:

  • Generous dimensions for added comfort and utility
  • Strong 19 momme weight mulberry silk that is machine washable
  • A deep internal pocket to help keep your pillow in place and allows you to sleep on both sides of the pillow
  • Clean natural undyed silk that is made without the use of harmful chemicals or bleach

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